Smart Home

Smart Homes are by design, ecologically friendly. They also offer convenience and comfort; comingin handy with great bargains.

With our ABB KnXintegrated technology, your quest for a smart, environmentally-friendly home is finally over! We have a rich collection of products and solutions that would help give your home the much-needed intelligence, while enhancing your remote access and control over features like thermostats, lighting, security and the likes, from the comfort of your smartphone device.

Our homes are built tostandard, with super-efficient solar power and HEMS (Home Energy Management System). In addition to the sleek design and eco-friendliness,HX Innovations’Smart Home designs offeradded enhancements to both the economy and convenience in homes andcreate a lifestyle of abundance in a constantly changingworld.

Featured products and selections are very customizable – on your terms. You get to choose how you’d like to create your dream Smart Home. Our collections are abundant with a wide range of fascinating, pocket-friendly options tailored to your specific needs.