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Performing a few tweaks to your home or office lighting can be very rewarding – significantly reducing your energy consumption, and consequently resulting in an eco-friendly environment with lower utility bills.

HX Innovations has a team of well-trained professionals who are skillful in the design and installation of the most suitable lighting devices and accessories for domestic and commercial purposes. If you’d like to install dimmer switches or change the type of light bulbs you use, our team of trained personnel who know how to ask the right questions can get to the heart of your business or domestic needs. Only then are we able to proffer solutions that are pivotal to your organic growth.

HX Innovations brand of  Lighting products include; Led Linear, AXO Light, IDL Light, GRIVEN, IF FANALE, LUCAPLAN, P.U.K, LAMP, Puraluce, Aurora, Cree, GoldWYN, Enlite, Exenia, Baro, Onok, Graypants, Inarchi, Shapes, OEM, Nimbus, Belux, Schatti Leucheten, Planlicht, LEDS, C4 and several others.

Highlighted features of our Lighting solutions include Incorporable, Rechargeable, Waterproof, Unbreakable, Remote Controlled and Eco-friendly.

We know that even a small adjustment can yield big results, which is why we make a big deal of our competent that can guide you, every step of the way; from planning, to installation and after sales services.